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Trey Edmunds

Husband · NFL Player · Author · Speaker · Mentor

  • New Orleans Saints (2017)

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2018–present)

  • Instagram

Key Instagram Data: 

  • Engagement Rate: 10.5%


“Setbacks only create new opportunities.” - Trey Edmunds

Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Ferrell “Trey” Edmunds is the ultimate embodiment of these words. The oldest of the three Edmunds boys, Trey paved the way and set a standard of unyielding work ethic and drive for his younger brothers, Terrell (Pittsburgh Steelers, Safety) and Tremaine (Buffalo Bills, Linebacker).

Having suffered multiple career halting injuries during college ball, Trey’s journey to the NFL was far from easy. Despite neither being drafted nor a priority free-agent signing in 2017, Trey never faltered, kept pushing, and maintained positivity. His grit and determination would eventually overpower the setbacks, landing him a spot on the Saints 53-man roster…where he would play in all 18 games.

Trey’s ability to defy the odds time and time again is a testament to his character and is a beautiful reminder that success begins with belief in oneself. Trey’s ability to inspire, motivate, and unify his family and teammates through his own journey has made him an indispensable team member and leader.

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