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Wedding Process

The Wedding Process

From the moment that you first submit an inquiry to the moment that we deliver your fabulous images, we've got you taken care of.

1. Inquiry and View Our Services 

You reach out to K3MMG here on our contact page and you tell us about your special day! We will respond with details regarding our availability for your date and send you our wedding guide so you can see exactly what services we offer. 

2. Your Consultation Call 

This consultation helps put faces to names and lets us get a feel for one another as we talk about your wedding media needs and vision for your special day! 

What will be covered during your consolation call:
Overview of media packages options that suit you best
Any additional questions

Full Expectations
Next steps

3. Service Selection and Deposit 

After our consultation (which was awesome, by the way),  you’ve decided you’d like to move forward in booking K3MMG as your wedding media team. *Happy dance* We will then send you a proposal, the wedding contract, and an invoice for a non-refundable deposit. Signing this contract and paying the invoice officially books K3MMG & holds your date!

Check that off your mile-long to-do list and take a nap!

4. Receive Your "Wedding Prep Guide" 

In the months between making your deposit and your big day, we send you our 'Client Wedding Prep Guide.'  Within this guide, you will have all the necessary steps, tips, our trusted recommended vendors, example wedding schedules, and advice for preparing for your special day. We will exchange a few emails or calls to check in and see how wedding planning is going and if we can answer any questions you may have. Even schedule a phone call with the wedding planner if necessary. If you’ve booked us for any portrait sessions (engagement, bridal, etc.), we will schedule & shoot those!

About two months out from your wedding, we will request a preliminary timeline of your day. No pressure --this can be just a "bare-bones" schedule! We will work together in the following weeks to make a timeline that keeps both the lighting and the time needed for optimal media coverage in mind.

5. Seize The Wedding Day!

Today's the day! We've had our prep calls and even traded screenshots of ideas. You had a great night's rest and we are ready!  You all float through this blessed day and we make you feel like the king & queen that you are. We dance, we laugh, we cry happy tears, and we capture all the beautiful moments that you will LOVE to relive!

6. Recieve Your Wedding Day Material
(Photos, Videos, Photo Albums, etc.)

Immediately following your wedding day, you will have a few photos to have to share with family and friends that weren't able to make it to the wedding day. When your photos are ready, we will send them to you on a personalized, shareable, beautiful online gallery with print-ordering capabilities. You can download them, order prints, or share the entire gallery with anyone and everyone you know. If you ordered an album be ready by the mailbox! Then, you and they can re-live the best day of your lives forever. Enjoy!

7.We Love Feedback!

In order to help us review and continuously improve our services, we would love to hear your feedback about your experience with K3MMG.

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