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I had to learn everything by trial and error, mentors, youtube university. I didn’t have the perfect formula to get where I am now and I can tell you know that there will never be a perfect formula for everyone.

Each of our journeys is so unique and complex that all we can do is try and learn and trust the gifts we have been blessed with.

Within this playbook,  you will find real examples that I used. You should be able to look at each example take what you think will work for your particular situation and continue to grow.

Outreach, building relationships, and pitching is just one part of growing as a professional creative. I will tell you now, one email, one call, one dm will not do the job speaking from my experiences.


At the end of the day, I am confident that you will take something valuable from this playbook that you can use forever.

What Do I Even Say? Ebook

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